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The predecessor of our school, a Vocational Secondary School was founded by the Local Government of Dabas in 1990 as an answer to the real needs of the town, which later, in 1994 became our present school called, Kossuth Zsuzsanna Vocational Technical School and Youth Hostel.



Our main profile is vocational education, besides it we also provide secondary technical education, evening courses for adults, as well as a 4-semester-long grammar school education to our students. The educational system of Hungary has been modified in many aspects, due to it the vocational education has also changed a lot during the past few years. If this prologue is read by one of our housebuilder students who finished school five years ago, the actual educational structure seems to be completely different for him. Vocational and practical training have been and are being much more emphasized nowadays. In 2010, there were only a few vocational schools in Pest County which offered more practical training than theoretical training. However, our institution was a pioneer in introducing this new kind of system; today, every single vocational training school has to offer this new, modified vocational training. If a student would like to graduate in a technical school, he/she also receives practical training. That is the difference between a secondary grammar school and a secondary technical school. Our school prepares students for the latter one.
Our school is a member-institution of the Érdi Vocational Training Centre, besides it the Local Government of Dabas also pays high attention to the educational institutions of the town. Referring back to the changes mentioned above, the name of our school has changed several times due to the modification of laws and acts. Even though, we hold the name of Kossuth Zsuzsanna proudly still today. Due to both national and international projects and relationships our institution has always followed the way of development. On my own as well as on my colleagues behalf I can declare that we are all working to provide value to our students in order to be able to succeed in life and have an easy access to the latest knowledge according to the requirements of the 21st century. Both our computer technique equipment and the syllabus developed in the almost unique 3D - 4D technology in Europe are all here to help our students improve their knowledge in different fields of study. We pay high attention to our Hungarian partnerships outside the borders of Hungary in the Carpathian Basin, including regular student exchanges, as well.  After a selectional procedure, students and teachers can participate in one-month-long work practices in foreign countries owing to our Erasmus + projects.

We focus on climate change issues and environmental protection at a high level which we always try to support by financial sources of national and international projects. The classrooms and the offices of the institution are maintained in a climate friendly and sustainable way. Dealing with and educating either talented or weaker students is also a very important aspect in our school. Our students regularly participate in general as well as in professional competitions, we educate students with special educational needs (SEN) and students in a special vocational training programme called Bridge Programme. These trainings mean a kind of social responsibility for us.

The employees of the school also emphasize the importance of Hungarian traditions and folklore and we believe it is very important to transmit them to the students. Our alumnis generally visit their former school, we have a school-foundation operating beside the institution, and we organize a school-ball annually.

I was assigned as a headmaster in 2009. Since then, a lot of changes have been implemented. The changes mentioned above are only a part of them. But some features have not changed at all, for instance our main porfile is still vocational and technical training, we participate in many projects, and according to our epigraph we try to help everybody at school to succeed in learning and in life.

Péter Stégner
Head of Member-Institution





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